Nikola One Semi

The Truck Of The Future

E-bikes and electric cars have long stolen the spotlight and grabbed headlines, so wasn’t it about time for a hybrid electric truck to do the same? Indeed it was. Which explains why the Nikola One Semi ($375,000), a working electric class 8 semi-truck prototype has snapped up $2.3 Billion in pre-sales in the first month after its announcement, thanks to deposits on 7,000 trucks. The Nikola One is set to be unveiled on December 2, 2016, but clearly, the promise of an electric semi has people excited.

Secretly developed by a Utah-based startup, the Nikola One works kind of like a diesel-electric locomotive. A 150-gallon dHybrid storage system behind the cab fuels a turbine generator, which in turn charges the 320-kilowatt-hour battery pack that drives six separate motors—one in each of the Nikola’s wheels.

The Nikola will boast 2,000 hp, getting an average of 10-15 mpg (twice the fuel economy of your average diesel truck, which only has 500 hp) and have a range of 800-1200 miles. Nikola is also planning to construct refueling stations across the country, and to sweeten the deal, they gave their first 5,000 customers their first million miles of fuel for free.

Nikola (pronounced Neek-oh-la) Motor Company Founder and CEO Trevor Milton has said, “Our technology is 10-15 years ahead of any other OEM in fuel efficiencies, MPG and emissions. We are the only OEM to have a near zero emission truck and still outperform diesel trucks running at 80,000 pounds.”

A world with zero emissions trucks? Sounds good to us.