Mercedes–Benz F-Cell Roadster

When 1886 And 2047 Collide

You know how it goes. You wake up and think, “Hmmmm, what kind of day is it today? Is it a handlebar moustache kind of a day? Or a silver spacesuit kind of a day?” Some days you just rock both. And we have just the car for one of those days. Daimler’s concept vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster with Hybrid Drive draws its inspiration from a smattering of automotive eras. Like large spoked wheels from 1886’s Benz Patent Motor Car, leather-covered bucket seats and the distinctively styled fiberglass front end of a Formula One car, and to top it all off, a futuristic 1.2 kW hybrid, fuel-cell drive train that goes a whopping 15 mph for a range of 217 miles. The roadster was lovingly created by 150 Daimler trainees from a smattering of fields, like automotive mechatronics, model-building, mechanics, product design and more. The OTHER theory is that one night the Tesla Model S and the Penny Farthing had a little too much Cuervo and nine months later, well…anyway, who’s up for a cruise?