Freerider Skatecycle

A New Way To Skate Through Life

Even though you’ve got the brains to power a small aircraft with nothing but your mind (shhh! Still waiting for the government to declassify that research), sometimes it’s just easer to skate through life on your good looks. Straight A’s in school, job offers, peace treaties, and the last cheesy bread are yours for nothing more than a smile. The Freerider Skatecycle ($150)  will make you work for it a little harder. The self-propelled, hubless skate combines the foot control of snowboarding, the balanced turning of skateboarding, and the nimble movement of casterboarding into a single vehicle. It features two 9-inch wheels, double axle articulation, and foot straps that allow you to control your direction by twisting your body. If you’re feeling lazy you can always break out the mind control, but it won’t give you much cardio.