Fearless 28 Yacht

The OTHER “Perfect Fusion of Performance and Aesthetics

We know, we know. Your high school class voted YOU the “perfect fusion of performance and aesthetics.” But apparently, our friends at Porsche and Fearless Yachts have collaborated to create a luxury speed boat that shares the same title. The Fearless 28 Yacht ($350,000) is powered by a 550hp V10 engine taken from a Dodge Viper and hits a top speed of over 80 mph. But the real story is in the body. The sexy design of the upper deck was inspired by the legendary Porsche 911’s and Carrera GT’s, and is constructed of seamless carbon-fiber reinforced fiberglass, finished in smoky silver. The only question that remains is how the HELL did the guys at Porsche get a hold of your high school yearbook?