Eddie Bauer Travel Trailer

Rough Enough

Ah, nature. The fresh air. The babbling brooks. The laminated countertops and goose down pillows, hauling ass in a silver streak from sea to shining sea. Meet the Eddie Bauer Airstream Travel Trailer($73,702) the gentleman’s answer to the call of the wild. Now, the next time you and Mother Nature get together, it’ll be on your terms. This upscale, Eddie Bauer-tricked out Airstream has everything the upscale adventurer could want, from a handheld outdoor shower and rear sport hatch to accommodate oversized equipment like kayaks, bikes and fishing gear, to all the comforts of home, like a queen-sized bed, removable dinette table, plus a premium AV package, complete with 22” LED TV, cable hookup and sub-woofer. Throw in a goose down comforter, pillows and throw (all furnished by Eddie himself), some co-branded daypacks, and you’ll be (semi-)roughing it in no time.