Ecce Opus Bikes

Belgium’s Best Bikes

Maybe it’s the kinetic, swoosh-shaped frame. Maybe it’s the floating seat. Or maybe it’s the innovative materials like Carbon and Wood. Actually, it’s all of the above that make the Ecce Opus Bike (price on demand), something special. This Belgian-made masterpiece not only looks unlike any bike you’ve ever seen, riding it gives you a feeling a weightless you’d expect more from a spaceship than a bicycle.

The Carbon Range includes the all-black Opus Sport, that’s light, robust, aerodynamic and as perfectly tuned for the urban jungle as it is on a winding, country road. The Opus Cruise adds a touch of leather, and a sparkling set of white-walled tires to lend a vintage feel to the futuristic frame.

Then, there’s the limited edition Opus Wood, now in development by designer Pierre Lallemand. This elegant wooden frame is completely hand-made out of the same rigid, light and beautiful woods that are used in luxury boats: ash, maple and cherry. Brown leather yokes and white tires round out the naturalistic look. But you’d better move quickly because only 20 bikes will be available in 2017.