Ducati 1198S Cigarette Boat

From Italia With Love

Pasta, vino, Di Maggio, Sinatra, Lombardi and, of course, Ducati. Italy has been known for producing some greats. First the motorcycle and now the Ducati 1198S Cigarette Boat ($700,000). The cigarette boat originally got its name from smuggling cigarettes and now these Italian fast makers are using them to smuggle power. 2,200 horses to be exact, from a pair of staggered 1,100 hp Mercury Racing engines that reach an excess of 120 mph. The model is pure Ducati, painted white with a Ducati Red racing stripe. With this purchase you'll be added to the short list of notorious cigarette boat owners like King Hussein of Jordan, King Juan Carlos of Spain, and George Bush Senior. So grab your Vignon Corkscrew, crack open that Chianti and raise a glass to the Italians, but be advised if you do so at top speed, you risk soiling your captain whites.