BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept

BMW’s Vision Of The Future

Not since Doc Brown fell off a toilet and came up with the Flux Capacitor has there been a better vision of what cars will look like in the future than the BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept Car. Created for the Consumer Electronics Show, the i Vision has all the makings of the car of tomorrow, including gesture and voice control, 3D screen displays, a fully networked cockpit, autonomous driving capability and the ever-elusive Internet of things.

When driving yourself in Pure Drive mode, the 3D instrument cluster display gives you safety info about cars ahead before you can even see them, and a Head-Up Display not only shows you the car’s vital functions, but on certain stretches of road, it even tells you the ideal driving line and braking points.

But the real magic happens when you engage Auto mode. The steering wheel retracts and the driver’s seat repositions itself so you have a better view of the 21-inch panorama display, with expanded content—for example, if you’re on a call, it might switch from audio to video transmission. You can also browse the web when it’s in fully automated mode. And don’t worry, even in your new comfy position, sensor technology will give you 5-7 seconds of notice before you have to take control back.

Speaking of that massive panorama display, AirTouch gesture controls let you use it like a touchscreen, without even touching it, ala “Minority Report.” This lets you control the communication and infotainment systems, which of course, are top-notch. Happily, this user interface is a glimpse at what’s to come for all BMW vehicles…in the future.