Aqua Star Underwater Scooter

Find Nemo…And Take Him For A Ride

Your underwater adventures are numerous and daring enough to rival those of Jacques Cousteau, but there’s really just one thing you’ve never felt comfortable with. Those damn flippers. They’re awkward, they’re ugly, and you have to walk backwards in them. The whole affair is quite unseemly. Well, now you have a new alternative to scuba gear and the dumb fins that go with it—Aqua Star’s AS1 Underwater Diving Scooter . It was designed to allow just about anybody to experience the awesomeness that lives under the sea—no certification, cumbersome gear or experience required. Just sit in your very own breathing environment (the diving style helmet contains all the breathing apparatus), and operate the controls as you would a regular motorbike—turn the handlebars for direction and push the batons for speed and depth. The scooter has two electric motors: one for forward movement, and the other for vertical movement. This ensures control, maneuverability and safety, at depths of up to 40 ft. If Nemo doesn’t claim to be jealous of this thing, tell him he’s a fish-faced liar and send him packing to your Fishscape Fish Bowl.