Vignon Waiter Corkscrew

Graciously Popping The Cork

It’s Monday. A wheel of cheese has just arrived from a secret admirer, and you know just what to pair it with—that vintage Cab that’s been waiting patiently in your cellar for just this occasion. You’re not going to trust it to just any old corkscrew, are you? Reach for this—the Vignon Waiter’s Corkscrew ($35.00), by internationally acclaimed designer, Jakob Wagner. A solid spiral with five—count ‘em, five—Teflon-coated steel threads ensures a kung-fu fighting grip, so even old, long or delicate corks won’t run the risk of breaking. There’s even a foil cutter conveniently hidden in the handle. If Batman had a corkscrew, we’re pretty sure this would be it.