Veppo Electronic Cigars

Become A Cigar E-Ficionado

Love the taste of a good stogie but hate the stench that comes with it? The smoking gods have heard you, and have answered your prayers with Veppo Electronic Cigars ($29.99). And they’ve gone to great lengths to give their e-cigar a totally authentic look and feel, with a full paper wrap and a chewable mouthpiece—and of course, that full flavor you love.

Puff away and lose yourself in the delicious smell of your favorite flavor: Tobacco, Cigar, Cuban Cigar, Clove, Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla or Chocolate. You can even choose what nicotene level you want, from High to nothing at all. Tell Jeeves to warm up your Smoker’s Armchair. It’s getting some QT tonight.