Vuarnet Glacier Spectre Sunglasses

Even The Sun Can't Stop You Now

Whether you’re practicing donuts and peel outs in your Aston Martin DB9 GT James Bond Edition or perched atop a Swiss mountain poised for the most epic slalom of your life, there’s one thing you do not want—the sun’s glare f’ing with your vision. In keeping with your 007-inspired lifestyle, we recommend the very shades Mr. Bond wore in “Spectre”—the Vuarnet Glacier Sunglasses. Based on vintage specs first released in the 80’s, these badboys are most recognizable by their leather shields, which are perfect for cutting out the glare of glistening powder—which also explains why these Glaciers were a favorite among mountaineers. When you’re not on the slopes, the leather sides are fully removable, leaving you with a pair of seriously cool aviators. They’re available in six great colors, though our favorites would have to be the Blue Polarlynx lenses with the Matte Black frames. Stylin’.