Twist Your Spirits

How To Make Killer Cocktails 1-2-3

Nothing says summer like a delicious, hand-crafted Smoke Y Margarita, but who has time to shop for a million ingredients? And making your own Smoked Sugar Syrup, and Pineapple Crisps as garnish? That’s probably not going to happen. Luckily, Twist Your Spirits ($34.95) will do it for you, and deliver ridiculously delicious artisanal cocktail kits right to your door.

With lip-smacking cocktails like the Lemon Mint Gin-let, Chile Spiced Old Fashioned and the Speak Easy Dirty Martini, Twist Your Spirits will spice up your drink repertoire quickly and easily. All you have to add is the booze, because their cocktails kits come with everything else—mixers (like a syrup or shrub), bitters, garnish, bar tools and an easy recipe.  

They even have a subscription option ($314/year) that will hook you up with ten incredible, seasonal cocktail kits throughout the year. Time to shake things up a bit.