Timblerleaf Trailer

The Happiest Camper

A happy camper enjoys the outdoors. A happy camper is warm and dry. A happy camper does not get eaten by bears. Be a happy camper in the Timblerleaf Trailer (base trailer $16,850). Way more comfortable than a regular old tent but not as serious as a full-blown trailer, the Timberleaf is the happy medium that truly does make a happy camper.

Compact and light enough to tow for most cars at just 1200 pounds, the teardrop Timberleaf is cozy and chic, with a fully insulated cabin to sheild you from cold, wind, heat and bears. Inside, you’ll find a comfy double bed with a Colorado Queen mattress surrounded by shelves and cubbyholes for storage. Above, a big skylight so you can still enjoy the sun and stars.

Open up the back hatch and you’ll find a sweet galley with all the comforts of your kitchen at home. There’s a custom, hand-made Birch cooler and a double burner stovetop that slides out for your convenience, plus a sink, ample counter space and little niceties like a paper towel holder. To be honest, we wouldn’t blame you if you slept in this thing while it’s parked in your driveway.