Muppets Adidas Animal Sneakers

You’re An Animal, Head To Toe

Ever since you mastered the art of rhetoric and debate (it was about the same time you nailed Latin, circa 4 years old), you’ve argued that Animal is clearly the coolest Muppet. He plays the drums. He screams, “WOMAN!” and runs after anything blonde. He’d never get mixed up with a chick like Miss Piggy, and now, he has his own kicks. Check out these Muppet Edition Adidas Originals adiRise 2.0 Animal Sneakers ($100). They’re based on the basketball shoe, but were clearly made to rock, with a suede upper, studded patent leather overlays, drumstick details and a faux fur collar that looks just like Animal’s fur. We think it’s safe to say that the debate is officially over–you win again.