The Last Stop

Capturing Americana

Love to get your kicks on Route 66 in your Safari Condo Trailer? Then you’ll love “The Last Stop: Vanishing Rest Stops of the American Roadside” by Ryann Ford ($45). This captivating photography collection captures awesome American road stops across the West, Midwest and South, before they quite literally disappear as they’re closed and demolished.

The book, which features the retro kitsch of a faux oil rig in Texas or a simple picnic table in the painted desert, represents a time in the US when there was nothing more exciting or freeing than the open road.

Inspiration for “The Last Stop” came soon after the author/photographer Ryann Ford discovered that these funky pieces of Americana were being torn down and fast replaced by chain stores and fast food options at every exit. So she set out with her camera across 14 states from California to South Dakota to Louisiana to preserve these incredible places forever. If this doesn’t inspire you to hop in your car and take a road trip, we don’t know what will.