The Guitar Collection Book

A Guitar Geek’s Wet Dream

If you’re into guitar porn, we respectfully suggest blocking off the next 72 hours, locking your bedroom door and sparing us the details of what happens therein.  The Guitar Collection ($1,500-$3,000) is a glossy, graphic collection of the world’s most elite guitars, blending high-art original photography with captivating storytelling that encompasses the cumulative knowledge of guitar experts and rockin’ guitar history. Get up close and personal with the Fender Stratocaster named “Blackie” that Eric Clapton jammed on for 15 years (and which eventually sold at auction in 2004 for a whopping $959,500). Then get intimate with the instruments of icons like Cobain, Hendrix, Keith Richards, Buddy Holly and Jimmy Page, down to their cigarette burns, scratches, and carvings. Each of the three editions comes in a cool leather guitar case, with a separate book of Guitar Collection Stories, that features original rock and roll photography of some of the rock and roll legends of our time. Each edition has a run of just 1500, making these puppies collector’s items. Did we say you needed 72 hours? Better just make it a full week.