Stephen Kenn Inheritance Seating

Sit On Your Jeans. In Your Jeans.

Camouflage is important. You once survived undetected by both enemies and animals in the Canadian wilderness for two weeks with nothing but your Camo Sweater and a pair of Butterfly Knife Cufflinks. Enjoy the same sort of masking capabilities in your very own living room, with Stephen Kenn Inheritance Seating ($5,600). In his latest collaboration with Simon Miller, the duo created what is quite possibly the most comfortable seating on earth, as it’s inspired by everyone’s favorite wardrobe item—a pair of jeans. It’s got a steel welded frame that’s plated with copper, and then oxidized, following the same process as an aged copper rivet. The fabric is a cotton canvas that’s been hand-dipped in natural indigo and well-worn to look and feel just like your beloved dungarees. As you would imagine, the backbone of support for both the sofa and the armchair in this collection is constructed with rich brown leather straps that bear a striking resemblance to belts. So if you ever need to hide from your girlfriend or your dog, just throw on your Canadian Tuxedo and pop a squat on the couch. They won’t find you for days.