This Economy Is Makin’ Me Thirsty

Though most your assets are staunchly protected in various accounts and safety deposit boxes in an bevy of undisclosed locations in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands, your investments here have taken a thorough whooping. Drink your cares away the old fashioned way with Spodee ($12.00), wine with a kick, fresh from White Mule Farms. Those friendly hooch-masters in Washingtonville, New York at America’s oldest winery have revived Spodee, a drink first concocted during the Great Depression. Back then, it was made of homemade country wine, strong backwoods liquor, and whatever happened to be sitting around, like fruits, juices, herbs, even soda pop. Today, you can enjoy Spodee straight of of the milk bottle it’s packaged in, as a Spodee Manhattan, “Spodee and Sody,” or in one of the many recipes listed on their website (Spodee Short Ribs, anyone? Or how about a Kiwi-Strawberry Spoderita?). Because when your 401k is down, there’s nothing like 36 proof wine to bring your spirits right back up.