S’mores Roasting Rack

Gimme S’More Of That

It’s easy to make S’mores for two with a simple old stick when it’s just you and Lily Aldridge, but what if she’s brought her Angel friends along? You can’t be manning the flame-cooked desserts all night or you’ll end up missing the flannel pillow fight. Grab yourself a S’mores Roasting Rack ($23.00) and make a boatload of S’mores all at once without the hassle, mess, or the fear of missing anything good. This must-have camping contraption features a warming rack so you can melt the chocolate evenly onto your graham crackers while the marshmallows cook up nice and gooey on four double-tined skewers. Roast, toast and bust out your best ghost stories. It’s going to be a fun night.