Pet Sweep

Unwrap This

When it comes to buying men’s gifts, you’re the king. That Hangover Kit for your best friend’s bachelor party? Perfect. The Stealth Electric Bike for your brother? Nailed it. The Octopus Plunger for your brother-in-law? Let’s just say he earned that one. So imagine the look on your dad’s face when he opens the Prank Pet Sweep ($8.00). What it appears to be are four dust boots for the family dog to wear around the house, thus “sweeping” floor. The box promises it will fit most paws, and pick up dust, insects and hair wherever they walk. In reality, it’s only a gift box. So when dad actually reaches inside, he’ll find the keys to his new, vintage Shelby Daytona Coupe. If he hasn’t flung the box in your face and written you out of his will already.