Otto’s Bodega

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Ever since your entrepreneurial career took off in seventh grade (those piano key neckties sold like hotcakes), girlfriends have faced the “What do you get the man that has everything?” dilemma. Perhaps you should direct them towards Otto’s Bodega. This online site has concert and sports-related vintage gear like you wouldn’t believe, with stuff like a Ditka style Vintage Bears sweater, a “Down Wit OPP” skull cap, ZZ top concert tee, Celtics Starter Jacket, Reebok Vintage pumps, Nike Air Force 1’s, even vintage hood ornament necklaces from Cadillac, Benz, Buick LeSabre. All original and in tiptop condition, Candy, Mandy and Sandy might have a hard time choosing your gift, but with options like these, they can never go wrong.