Noche Buena Beer

Get Scrooge’d!

The holidays have a tendency to make people warm and fuzzy (for proof, look not further than classics like Charles Dickens, and/or Bill Murray). This year, Heineken is doing its part to add to that fuzziness with Noche Buena Beer. This Bock-styled Lager is one of Mexico’s highest regarded beers, brewed by Cerveceria Moctezuma, S.A. It’s specially made for the holiday season, and it’s coming to a few lucky markets in the U.S. this season. Noche Buena features spicy Styrian hops, straight out of Slovenia (totally normal for a Mexican beer), and its dry up-front characteristic is followed by berry notes at the finish and a lovely caramel toasted malt aroma at the nose. If there were ever a time to stock up on mistletoe, now would be it.