National Men’s Grooming Day — PHLUR

Smell Like Your Own Man

The same way you’d never want to show up to a party in the same Suitjamas as some other guy, you don’t want to show up smelling like someone else either. That’s why today, which just happens to be National Men’s Grooming Day, you should take this opportunity to find your best personal scent with PHLUR Fragrances ($85), a completely new way of finding your signature smell.

First, hit up the PHLUR website to get to know each of their six unisex fragrances through funky descriptions, from Spotify playlists to visual narratives. The idea is that if you like the vibe of the concept, you’ll probably like the fragrance too.

Pick the two scents you jive the most with, and for $10, you’ll get two trial vials delivered to your door. Wear them, and check out how the fragrances evolve and get more complex as you wear them. Zero in on a favorite, and when you order a full-sized bottle, that 10 bucks goes toward your purchase. We smell a winner.