Margarita Floating Bottle Bucket

Drink Or Swim.

Sure, your Remote Control Snack Pool Float can deliver your Cronuts and cocktails even when you’re deep in the deep end, but what if you want to throw a pool party that's a little more classy, and nothing but chilled champagne or wine will do? Bust out your Margarita Floating Bottle Bucket ($200) and fear not. A brilliant creation from Italian design company Slide, this chic bottle bucket stays afloat even when loaded up with lots of ice and your favorite bottle of bubbly, white or rose. Designer Valerio Sommella gave the Margarita rounded lines and a lacquered finish, in addition to a great range of color options, like green, white, red, grey, and black, so it’s sure to match your favorite Vilebrequin suit. Its highly finished surface means that the Margarita can even live graciously outside the pool, making it the perfect addition to any room in your house, where it can be used as an indoor pot or bottle rack. But let’s not think about winter just yet. For now, just empty out that Moet & Chandon Vending Machine, invite a few friends over and practice your jackknife. It’s about to get classy up in here.