Leafs By Snoop

Get Yourself Some Doggie Treats

Heading to Aspen this season? You are now. Because Leafs by Snoop—Snoop Dogg’s new line of cannabis products—are a thing, and they’re already for sale in Colorado. In what may be the first mainstream line of legalized cheeba in the world, Snoop has seen to it that buying weed no longer involves sad baggies of shake, seeds and stems. In fact, the killer packaging design by Pentagram looks more like something you’d pick up at Whole Foods.

Inside the beautiful boxes with California-inspired imagery—a chick floating in the pool, palm trees, a serene sunset—are all kinds of goodies. First there are the concentrates and edibles like Chocolate Bars in flavors like Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Strawberries N Cream with Waffle Bits (YUM). Then there are gummies and drops called Dogg Treats with flavors like Cherry Gummies, Watermelon Drops and Peanut Butter Gems.

In addition to the edibles, Leafs by Snoop offers vape-friendly Wax, Shatter (the purest and cleanest extract), and Flower in eight of Snoop’s favorite strains including Cali Kush, Bananas, Northern Lights, Purple Bush, Blueberry Dream, Lemon Pie, Tangerine Man and 3D CBD. Buy a flower and you’ll also get a sticker with a Snoop Dogg quote, like "Mile high feeln" or "Smoke weed every day!" And when people do smoke weed every day, and legalized marijuana meets its projections to be an $11 billion industry by 2019, Snoop will be a very, very rich man indeed. Respect.