KITH Treats

Come For The Cookie Crisp. Stay For The Kicks.

In a brilliant stroke of marketing genius, sneaker store Kith has opened what every 10-year-old (and baked 30-year-old) will agree is the coolest store on earth: KITH Treats, New York's first cereal bar, which is magically situated at the entrance to Kith's flagship store in Brooklyn, just blocks from the Barclays Center.

Founded by the sneaker collaborator extraordinaire and Kith NYC-creator himself, Ronnie Fieg, the cereal bar carries 23 cereals, including solid favorites like Fruit Loops, Coca Puffs, Lucky Charms and Rice Krispies, 25 toppings mom would definitely not approve of, like Crushed Oreos, Cookie Dough and Brownie Bits, and 5 milks—whole, skim, almond, hemp and chocolate. You’re encouraged to mix and match either 2 or 3 cereals and as many sugary toppings as your pancreas can handle. As their site has so graciously calculated for us, that makes 412,115,533,824 possibilities for your delicious snack—which, of course, will be served to you in a shoe box.

If all of those options prove to be just too much to think about, lucky for you, special friends of the Kith brand (and huge names in streetwear) have created meals for you, like The FlatWhite by Virgil Abloh (Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Toffee Crunch, Almond Milk) and The Don by Don C (Cap’n Crunch, Coconut Flakes and Almond Milk).

The best part of Kith Treats, however, is the shopping you get to do for dessert. Just walk through the Agassi vs. Sampras Nike sneaker installation and behold the great wide open, peppered with choice apparel from brands like Off-White, Y-3, Public School, Norse Projects, and Kith's very own label. And, like any goods worth coveting, some stuff if strictly off-limits, like the VIP lounge at the back of the store that only 50 of Ronnie’s closest friends will ever see the inside of, or the ceramic Air Jordans hanging from the ceiling. Sweet? Sweet.