Ice Ball Flavor-It

Boom Goes The Flavor Ball!

Remember that Arctic expedition when you found those barrels of rum trapped in the ice, and it turned out to be lost cargo from a pirate ship that sank 150 years ago? Now imagine that barrel is a delicious strawberry and the glacier is a frozen ball floating in your water bottle. That pretty much sums up the Ice Ball Flavor-It Water Bottle ($16.00). Just add whatever fruity flavor you wish to infuse, whether it’s a strawberry, some sort of citrus, melon, even cucumber or mint, into the silicone ice ball maker, and fill it with water. Freeze it, pop it open, and drop the flavor ball into the water bottle. The more it melts, the tastier things get. And don’t worry about drinking down any fruit once the ice cube melts—the water bottle’s silicone infuser blocks the fruit from ending up in your mouth. Choose from red, white, blue, green, yellow, or orange, and always remember to stay fruity, dear friends.