Homerun Oven Mitt

Batter Up

On the baseball diamond, you’re the type of batter who swings for the fences and usually delivers. But in the kitchen, you deal with a whole different type of batter—like the flaky, crispy crusts of your homemade croissants…or that brownie recipe you got out of your “High Times” Cannabis Cookbook (it all depends on who's on the guest list for the evening). Next time you fire up the oven, handle your hot stuff with some Homerun Oven Mitts ($13.00). These baseball glove-shaped oven mitts are a manly way to serve up the good stuff and protect your mitts while you do it, no matter what's in the oven or on the menu. Though, between us, if it’s a guys’ night in, we’re thinking you should go with the brownies.