Heimplanet Cave Tent

A Diamond In The Rough

Anyone who still believes that diamonds are a girl’s best freind has obviously never seen the Heimplanet Cave Tent (or your impressive collection of pinky rings). Inspired by nature’s most efficient and stable structure in the universe, i.e. the molecular structure of a diamond, the Heimplanet Cave Tent ($740) uses an “Inflatable Diamond Grid” to create one of the most stable, reliable tents money can buy. It’s incredibly easy to pitch—just roll it out, blow it up using the One Pump system, and voila! Your tent is officially pitched. Its round ground area is enough for 3 people to sleep and store baggage, or allow 6 people to sit together and tell ghost stories. It’s got a vestibule by the entrance where you can store muddy shoes and socks, and the inner tent is light and well-ventilated with no-see-um mesh and tons of storage space integrated into the side walls. This tent truly is a diamond in the rough.