Old School Comfort. New School Cool.

As a Gameboy-playing, Reebok-Pump-wearing kid, your favorite part of Saturday morning cartoons was kicking it in your feetie pajamas. But alas, you’re a full-fledged adult now, and though you’ve tried, you just can’t seem to find a socially acceptable venue pants that already have built-in feet. Sad face.

Enter Feejays ($39.98), your new favorite sweatpants, that—you guessed it—have feet attached. But not just any feet—ultra plush, sherpa-lined feet, plus a comfy drawstring waistband and inviting hand pockets too.

Do your piggies need to breathe? There’s a stretchy, Lycra panel escape hatch that lets you pop your feet out, flop the footies over and roll them up. Get your Feejays in Black, Heather Grey, Navy, Plaid, and Camo—some options even say Santa Cruz down the leg because OF COURSE these are made in California.