Dog House Sofa by Seungji Mun

The Dog House Only Cooler

On any given Sunday, you and your schnauzer can be spotted galavanting about town in your motorcycle and sidecar, on your weekly croissant run (you’ll be damned if you’ll eat store-bought patisserie). Now, at home, Hans can enjoy the same kind of special treatment and comfort, with the Dog House Sofa. This simple, yet cleverly designed sofa has a special compartment for your number one compadre, much like a sidecar for your couch. The best part about the Dog House Sofa from South Korean designer Seungji Mun is that while your little buddy is all curled up in his spot, you can still reach underneath the armrest to give him a well-deserved belly rub. After all, why let your best bud ON the couch, when he can go IN the couch?