Deleon Tequila

Tequila So Pure Even The Worm Is A Virgin

Picture this: You’re Pee Wee Herman (just go with it). You’re in danger of receiving a serious beating at the local Satan Helper’s hangout, and you have just one last request: Tequila. But instead of the song, we’d like to suggest a glass of the purest tequila ever to meet a rocks glass—Deleon Tequila ($110-$300). From a town in Mexico named after the Immaculate Conception—Purisima del Rincon—Deleon is certifiably the purest tequila on record (just ask the Tequila Regulatory Council), making its silver tequila smooth enough to sip on all Sunday long. Its innate purity means it only needs to be distilled twice, and founder Brent Hocking would rather take on Satan himself than add any chemical colorings or synthetic flavors. Instead, Deleon is aged in 150-200 year-old Haute Futaie French Oak wine barrels, producing a distinct and delicious flavor profile, making this spirit the only winner of back-to-back Grand Champion prizes at the World Beverage Competition. If that’s not enough to make you dance on a bar, then we don’t know what is.