Cronuts—The New Crack?

In New York City, you can get “a guy” for anything. Tickets. Tables. Tiny bags of…well, never mind that. Now, it turns out, you may need to find yourself a new guy—to get your hands on a Cronut ($5.00), the delectable spawn of a flaky croissant and a rich, delicious doughnut. These mouthwatering treats are only available at the Dominique Ansel bakery in Soho, and they’re so impossible to obtain, even Hugh Jackman had a hard time getting his claws on one.

In a land where people wait centuries in line for a Magnolia cupcake or a burger from Shake Shack, it’s no surprise that the Cronut yields the same wild following. In fact, people are so hooked on the sweet treats that the bakery sells out within minutes of opening, forcing them to impart a strict six doughnut purchase limit. And if you don’t make the line on time the odds at getting a cronut are not in your favor. This is where your “guy” comes in.

With only 200 cronuts baked and sold each day, and people in such hysterics to indulge in this flaky, cake-y, crème filled treat, a Cronut black market has emerged, with scalpers selling cronuts for as much as $40 a pop. So while we highly recommend trying this perfect blend of savory and sweet for yourself, we should warn you that they’re highly addictive. That said, if you find a guy, could you maybe hook us up?