Cork Globe

Where You Been?

Your passport gets more action than Fat Axl in a donut shop, so how can you be expected to keep track of everywhere you’ve been? The Cork Globe ($48-$125) can help. This awesome, three-dimensional globe is made of cork, so you can pin all the places you’ve been—and even stick pictures or ticket stubs to its surface.

Use different colored pushpins to code places you’ve been—LA, NYC, London—with places you’re dying to go—South Africa, Bora Bora, Monaco. You can even use the Cork Globe as an important tool to plan your next vacation. Just close your eyes, spin the globe, stick a pin in it and book a flight to wherever you land. Now THAT is how you start an adventure.

Cork Globe

Monitor Your Worldwide Domination

If you had to choose your favorite hobby, it would probably have to be crushing sh*t worldwide. Sure, that’s obvious to anyone who browses your Instagram for more than 45 seconds, but sometimes it’s also nice to have a physical representation of the places you’ve been, and subsequently, crushed.

Enter the Cork Globe ($130) from Suck UK. A brilliant idea if we’ve ever seen one, this globe of the world is made completely of cork, and dimensionalizes the notion of sticking thumbtacks into a flat map on the wall. It comes with its own pins, but you can add whatever flair you like, and get creative doing it.

Maybe blue for the places you’ve been, like Prague, Bora Bora, and Singapore and green for all the places you want to go, like The Maldives, Venice and Monte Carlo? Have fun and let the crushing continue.