Cookie Shots

If Cookie Monster Went On A Bender…

If you’ve been to Times Square lately (or read The NY Post on the reg), you know that Elmo’s been grabbing people’s asses, Batman stole $50 from an Irish tourist and even Chewbacca was slapped in handcuffs for harassment. So it’s not too far-fetched to think that Cookie Monster could one day go on a complete bender—probably with these insane Cookie Shots ($3 each) from Dominique Ansel, the mastermind baker behind the beloved Cronut.

This confectionary genius is exactly what you wish your mother would’ve thought of in your childhood: a “glass” made out of chocolate chip cookies and filled with Swede Farm milk from upstate New York that’s been cold-infused with vanilla beans for 24 hours (though we won’t judge if you sneak a White Russian in there). The shots are only available at Dominique Ansel’s Bakery on Spring Street in NYC—which, fortunately, is far, far away from Times Square.