Clase Azul Mezcal 750ML

This Mezcal Will Blow You Away

While it’s hard to pick your favorite brand of tequila (there are just so many good ones), Clase Azul is always in the upper echelon, recognizable by its signature blue and white bottle and high-quality spirit.

Now the family behind the tequila has dipped its toe in the mezcal arena with Clase Azul Mezcal ($250), made from Cenzio Agave that grows wild in Mexico’s state of Durango, for a distinctive-tasting mezcal unlike anything else made anywhere in the country, thanks to Durango’s extreme climate and rich soil.

After the wild agave is roasted underground with firewood and volcanic rock, hand-mashed with an axe, then fermented and flavored by naturally occurring, airborne yeast, the honies are extracted and double-distilled in an traditional copper still known affectionately as El Viejo, or “the old man.” The result of all this love, care and natural bounty is a deliciously smoky mezcal with notes of ash, wood and chocolate.

Of course, a spirit this special needs a special bottle too, and Clase Azul does not disappoint. The matte black decanter is hand-carved by local artisans and topped with a colorful, beaded top, which is also hand-made using beeswax, resin, a needle and tons of skill and patience. We’ll drink to that kind of dedication.