CINCH Minimalist Wallet

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Don’t get us wrong—leather has its place in the world. And, of course, within your wardrobe. A fine, buttery cowhide is a choice material for belts, shoes, jackets…we can even see its place in the whole “chaps” arena, if that’s what you’re into (just please, don’t share any details about your chap-wearing escapades). But when it comes to wallets, leather’s day in the sun may indeed have just come and gone. Introducing the CINCH Minimalist Wallet ($45.00), now accepting backers on Kickstarter. This simple, industrial style wallet is constructed of either metal or wood, both materials having been designed to help you slim down your wallet’s silhouette, take up less real estate in your pockets, and provide easy access to credit cards, bills, and most importantly, beer. Did we say beer? Indeed we did. The metal CINCH features a Stainless Steel ‘Backbone’ with a handy, dandy bottle opener smack dab in the middle of it. Can your cow’s ass wallet do that? Not bloody likely!

The wooden model carries its own cache (not “cash,” though it certainly carries that too, along with credit cards), having been made from sustainable wood that was 100% salvaged or ethically sourced. It boasts an Oak 'Backbone' and black elastic 'Keeper' to keep your stuff in place, and it’s finished with environmentally friendly, non-toxic tung oil. CINCH is proudly crafted in America by skilled, eco-conscious woodworkers, metal-smiths & seamstresses who really just want to see you happy with your new, well-designed, expertly-crafted wallet. But they can’t do it without your help. Check out CINCH on Kickstarter and back that thang up today!