Campfire Fishing Rod

The Hot Dogs Are Really Biting

On your last testosterone-fueled camping, hunting, fishing and gambling trip with your buddies, you won big in Seven Card Stud (you literally won the shirt off your friend’s back—unfortunate that he fell asleep on that fire ant hill), but the black mouth bass just weren’t biting. Next time, if the fish won’t bite, at least you know you’ll have more luck around the campfire. Rustle yourself up a decent dinner of dogs with the Campfire Fishing Rod ($30.00). This roasting stick has a stainless steel line, heat resistant wooden handles, and of course, what rod would be complete with roasting hooks on the end? Just pierce your hot dog weenies or marshmallows onto the roasting hooks, shake the pole over the fire and listen for the telltale sizzle that lets you know that dinner is about to be served. Who needs smelly old bass anyway?