California Series by J.Rusten

California Dreaming

Ah, California. Land of sequoias, seashores and silicone. How you love it so. Sadly, your bicoastal businesses and general geographic ADD prevent you from living there full time. No matter. Now instead of constantly going back o Cali, you can have Cali come to you–direct to your living room, with the California Series by J.Rusten ($1,650+). These gorgeous, limited edition California desks and tables are produced sparingly once a year, crafted from the highest grade of rare Claro walnut, into the shape of the Golden state. Available in large or medium desk size, medium or small coffee table, or our personal favorite: customizable bar- or wine tasting-height, each piece also features a cantilevered base made of native oak with a gorgeous charcoal-colored patina achieved from a natural vinegar stain. Your new table will be finished and finessed with a low-toxic tung-oil for protection as well as a gorgeous look. Invite us over when it gets there and we’ll have a glass of wine up by Sacramento.