Bold For Men: Dry Shave Gel

Fly And Dry.

Like you always tell your chef, chauffeur, landscape architect and watercraft pilot, life is all about keeping things simple. Which is why you and your face will love this 3-in-1, do-it-all Dry Shave Gel from Bold For Men ($16.00).

Not only does it accomplish your entire shave regimen—Pre-Shave, Shave, and After-Shave—with just one product, it eliminates water from the equation entirely. First, apply a thin layer onto your face and wait 30 seconds—this will soften and prep your stubble for a smoother shave.

Next, gently shave, and marvel as your razor slips effortlessly through this see-through glide. Last, reapply a thin layer of the Dry Shave Gel for a smooth, soothing finish. No razor burn, no irritation, no problem. If only getting your topiaries in the exact shape of a poodle were this easy.