Bacon Drink Tablets

Slip Someone A Porky.

Why slip someone a Mickey when you can slip them a Porky? A delicious Bacon Drink Tablet ($6.00) that brings the glorious flavor and aroma of your favorite porcine product to whatever you're sipping on. Perfect for any bacon occasion (or baconaision as we like to say), like hanging Bacon Ornaments on the tree, wrapping up Oscar Mayer Bacon Boxes (the best men’s gifts on the face of the planet), or just lathering up for a nice shave with your Bacon Shaving Cream. Bacon Drink Tablets work in any sort of liquid beyond just water, so feel free to add one to whatever you please, from soda to juice to chocolate milk. And yes, it's effervescent, so expect a side of bubbles with your bacon beverage. Speaking of, you always thought that Dom Periginon could use a little extra effervescence. We're sure your local sommelier would agree.