Atocha Record Cabinet

Delicious And Vinylicious

Let’s face it. You owe Al Green. Big time. (Becky Saunders. Mifflin Hall. ‘Nuff said.) So what better way to show your appreciation for Mr. Green, and the rest of your old vinyl collection, than with a beautiful Atocha Record Cabinet? ($5,500) This is craftsmanship at its finest—a beautiful piece of post-modern American Walnut and European cored plywood construction, or, if you prefer, American Maple, Oak or Bamboo. The fine folks at Atocha will even customize your piece should you want compartments for CD’s, DVD’s, 7-inch singles or audio components. At $5,500 a pop, it’s not cheap, but you have to admit, it beats the bellbottoms off a milk crate.