Antipodes Water

What Would Frodo Drink?

Thanks to last summer’s yachting excursion, you can attest to the fact that on top of being Frodo and Gollum’s stomping grounds as Lord of the Ring’s Middle Earth, New Zealand is also home to the purest, most pristine water on earth.  And now that water can be delivered direct to your door, from Antipodes Water Company Sourced from a deep aquifer of 490-985 feet, Antipodes is as virginal and delicious as it gets. If you’re worried about importing water from halfway around the world (the meaning of “Antipodes,” actually—the polar opposite side of the earth) don’t. The company’s commitment to the environment rivals Mother Nature herself. They’re not only carbon neutral, but carbon POSITIVE, through the development of wetlands and a native Kahikatea forest re-planting project on the site of their bottling facility. Precioussssssss!