Allrover Stair-Rover

City Wheels

Your Vespa Segway is cool and everything, but you can’t bring it with you on the subway and it definitely doesn’t go down stairs. But the Allrover Stair-Rover ($250) does—and damn, is it fun.

The Stair-Rover is a sweet new longboard that was designed to let you surf the city. It’s got an 8-wheeled chassis made for urban terrain like cobblestones, bricks, curbs, even stairs. The patent-pending V-frame help the wheels bounce up and down independently and take each step with ease, crab-walking down down a flight of stairs like it ain’t no thing.

The Stair-Rover is made from a ply maple deck with a convenient carrying handle, so you can make an easy transition from sidewalk to stairs to subway and beyond. Happy riding.