The Body Dryer


The Body Dryer

Another Fun Thing To Do Naked.

You’re always up for some new naked activities. Trampolining with Hannah Davis. Riding Unicycles with Candice Swanepoel. Pouring Rachel Bilson a few fingers of White Pike Whiskey. Well, add one more to the list, with The Body Dryer ($150). It’s basically a giant hand dryer, but it’s built for your entire body. Sure, the real purpose of it is to be environmentally safe and bacteria free, while eliminating the need to use bath towels, but The Body Dryer’s also gotta get some points for just being fun and feeling good, right?

Besides being fun, here’s why it’s smart. Bacteria grows on towels. Then we reuse them when we’re at our cleanest, just out of the shower, or just out of the nice, clean, chlorinated pool. Even if you know which end is supposed to go where (thanks, True Clean Towel), you’re still bound to funk yourself up at least a little bit.

The team at Body Dryer is out to change that. It took them two years to build The Body Dryer, and it’s a masterpiece indeed. Just plug it into an outlet in your bathroom, then step onto the platform when you’re fresh out of the shower. Super-compressed, ionized air will then be forced upward at a strategic angle, pushing the water down, off your body, and drying you in no time flat. Ahhhh, feels just like the warm, caressing winds of Mount Vesuvius…