UBoat Worx HP Sport Sub 2

UBoat Worx HP Sport Sub 2 Let’s Go Subbing Now. Sure, a day on your Antagonist Yacht is always a good time, but every once in a while, you need a break from sipping Dom Perignon with Natalie Martinez and Cindy Prado. Instead of another shore excursion to Amalfi (yawn), go deep. Real deep. With the UBoat Worx HP Sport Sub 2. This high-performance… [Read More]

Kormaran Überblick

Kormaran Überblick A Whole New Class Of Boat. Looking for a new tender for your Oceano Nirvana Yacht? Or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade the old, inflatable Fiesta Private Island for a classier a place to sunbathe? The Kormaran Überblick can do both. Quite beautifully, we might add. Introducing a totally new class of watercraft. The Kormaran… [Read More]

Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod

Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod Yes, We Said “Wet Rod.” When you arrive on your private island of Isla De Sa Ferradura, you don’t always like to land in the same spot twice. For instance, if you feel like playing tennis, it’s better to land on the north side near the courts. If you feel like snorkeling, you’re better off landing on the south side… [Read More]

C-Explorer 3 Submersible

C-Explorer 3 Submersible After That Turtle! There's a f*cking turtle at that bottom of the Indian Ocean that has something that you want. Your Breitling Chronomat GMT. It got loose while you were snorkeling and you swear you saw that f*cker grab it in his mouth and make off with it into a patch of coral. It's time to find him. Grab a couple of friends,… [Read More]

Water Hoverboard

Water Hoverboard Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hoverboards are pretty cool on their own. You can’t go more than two holes at the golf course without people begging for a ride on your Hoverboard Golf Cart. But what happens when you start with a hoverboard and then add water-powered jet power with enough Oomph to send you soaring across waves… [Read More]

Gibbs Quadski XL

Gibbs Quadski XL Wheels Up. Water On. Not that walking on water is like, lame, or anything, but why walk on water when you can blast across it in a Gibbs Quadski XL, and then flip out your four wheels and tear across some land too? Yeah, exactly. This ridiculously fun Sports Amphibian vehicle is powered by a 140 horsepower BMW Motorrad K1300… [Read More]

Jet Capsule

Jet Capsule Your Jet Capsule Awaits. Choosing the right watercraft for your personal needs can be a challenge. Touring the Portuguese coast and then cruising down to Montenegro? Your Sovereign Superyacht is great for that. Island hopping for the day in Croatia? That feels like a Ducatti Cigarette Boat kind of excursion. But if you're looking… [Read More]

Kayak 1 By McLellan Jacobs

Kayak 1 By McLellan Jacobs Yacht For One Don’t get us wrong—all of your yacht groupies are incredible people. They have impeccable taste in bikinis, they really know how to hold their champagne (even going 60 knots over choppy seas), and let’s face it, their flexibility is unparalleled in the entire Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. But sometimes a man… [Read More]

U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 5

U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 5 FINALLY, An Underwater Limo After the ahem...incident with the ambassador and your Butterfly Knife Cuff Links at last month’s gala, your closest advisors have suggested that you lay low for a while. Very low. Perhaps under the surface of the ocean low. We have just the thing. The U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 5, aka the world’s… [Read More]

PowerSki Jetboard

PowerSki Jetboard Walk On Water...Really, Really Fast As far as watercraft go, your collection is getting quite extensive. There’s your high-performance kayak, the Wave Sport Project 54CX Playboat, your tank-like Phibian, and of course the Necker Nymph Underwater Aircraft you sometimes borrow from Sir Richard Branson. Well, now there’s… [Read More]


Quadski Wheels Up. Splash Down. You get around. Not just in the Ladies’ Man sense, but in the physical sense...like geographically. Which means that you need a good way to navigate both land and sea. Sure, it would be easy enough to bring your Ducati Streetfighter or even your Penny Farthing on board of your Lamborghini Yacht, but try… [Read More]

Antagonist Yacht

Antagonist Yacht Smooth Yachting Sure, your Turanor PlanetSolar yacht is great to pick up the eco-friendly hotties, and your Wally-Hermes Yacht is great for parties, but sometimes you just need a smaller, luxury compact yacht for those more intimate excursions on the open sea. Check out the Antagonist Yacht, a stunning, 37-foot open weekend… [Read More]

In-Depth: Turanor PlanetSolar

In-Depth: Turanor PlanetSolar Solar Power To The People Born with a strong set of “sea legs” and a penchant for nautical themed pashmina afghans, you’ve taken to yachting like a duck to water. You can always count on coming home with a nice tan and some great stories (the blowfish incident in Singapore). Voyaging around the world in the largest solar… [Read More]

Corsair 36 European Edition

Corsair 36 European Edition Summa Summa Summa Time Nothing says summer like a shiny new speedboat. Jump headfirst into the season with the Corsair 36 European Edition ($466,900). The latest design from Chris Craft offers unprecedented luxury and interior space for its category, while packing plenty of power. The Volvo-sourced standard twin V8 engines… [Read More]

Wave Sport Project 54CX Playboat

Wave Sport Project 54CX Playboat One Sexy Kayak Strong, agile, with exceptional performance. What might sound like an accurate depiction of your bedroom prowess, is actually referring to the Wave Sport Project 54CX Playboat ($2,500). This high performance kayak is hand-crafted with carbon kevlar and carbon fiberglass components, which results in an ultralight,… [Read More]

Infinity Odyssey Inflatable Kayak

Infinity Odyssey Inflatable Kayak Float Your Own Boat Next time you close your eyes and pick a place on the globe to explore at random, you might want to bring along the Infinity Odyssey 295 Inflatable Tandem Kayak ($650). When your bush pilot drops you in the Cambodian jungle you’ll have this to keep you dry down the Mekong River. Easily maneuverable, the 9… [Read More]

Sea-Doo 230 Wake Sport Boat

Sea-Doo 230 Wake Sport Boat Follow In Your Own Wake While the Tropical Island Paradise has pretty much everything you could want on board, sadly it does not come with a sport boat. Have your assistant follow behind your floating paradise with the Sea-Doo 230 Wake Sport Boat to fulfill all your water sporting needs. Featuring an innovative Direct Drive Jet… [Read More]

Mercedes Marauder Cigarette Boat

Mercedes Marauder Cigarette Boat Mo Mercedes, No problem A self-described Mercedes aficionado, no one has more German sheet metal filling up their hangar than you do: the Mercedes Benz F Cell Roadster, Mercedes Benz G Wagon Edition 30, Mercedes Benz EC145 Helicopter, and Mercedes Mclaren SLR just to name a few. The only thing missing is the Mercedes AMG… [Read More]

Exo Watercraft

Exo Watercraft Like Being Friends With Flipper Between your Seabreacher X, Bladefish 5000 Sea Scooter, and that Necker Nymph Underwater Aircraft Branson sometimes lets you borrow, your water toy collection is coming along nicely indeed. But the Exo Watercraft should probably be next in your rotation. This sleek, 100% fiber carbon watercraft… [Read More]


Phibian Froggy Style Getting your guests to and around your lake house or private island can be tricky when Clooney surprises you with 13 of his closest friends. The Phibian land and water vehicle is up to the challenge. The largest wheeled high speed Amphibian vehicle fits 15 passengers and is capable of highway speeds on land, and… [Read More]