Exclusive Interview: Simon Rex

Simon Rex2

H&H: You and Mickey Avalon have tied the knot and hit the road with the “Married To The Game” tour. How has the reunion tour been?.

SR: : It’s been great so far. I’m happy and pleased at how many people have been coming out and we’ve had some adventures along the way. We were just talking about that blizzard in NYC. We somehow made it to the show from NJ that day, the second worst storm in NYC history. Then they cancelled the show and then brought it back, so that was the only weird one.

Every other show has been a home run, selling out on a lot of them. What’s weird is how many young people are coming to the show. We do all ages shows so there’ll be teenagers at the show. It’s pretty cool to have a young audience because they have the most fun and it’s just cool to hit the road and go to Middle America and the East Coast and up and down the West Coast and just see so many fans come out and have a good time. We bring out the weirdoes and I like that.

Traveling and living in airports and vans and hotels gets old after awhile, but I’m just thankful that we can still go on the road and make people smile in the middle of the winter in the Midwest.

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