Exclusive Interview: Jeremy Jauncey

Jeremey J3

H&H: Congratulations on being the #1 cause of FOMO, worldwide. Tell us about Beautiful Destinations and how it all began.

JJ: We started as an Instagram account that was basically showcasing the most beautiful places in the world. The idea was: could we look at all the places in the world that were being shot by people as they traveled, and could we curate it, or have the authority on Instagram to celebrate all the beauty in the world?

Back in 2012 when we started the account, we started connecting with all these people who were just passionate and excited travelers. Now they’re influencers and social media celebrities.

We were able to work with them to feature their content, and they helped us grow our account as we helped them grow their accounts and we just sort of hit this popular culture that really just made the thing explode.

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