Hero: The Ultimate Warrior

The Insane Hero

It takes some pretty huge cohones to strut around in public wearing nothing but facepaint, body grease and scant neon skivvies, but The Ultimate Warrior knows how to own it. And we respect that. Hailing from “Parts Unknown,” this terrifying, cryptic-speaking, musclebound Superstar rocked the WWE Universe with his debut in 1987, and would go on to dominate the WWE Championship Title. In SummerSlam ’88, The Ultimate Warrior bested The Honky Tonk Man in just 30 seconds, winning the Intercontinental Championship. His Gorilla Press Slam got the better of even his most formidable competitors, like “Ravishing” Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect. But his shining moment came about in Toronto’s SkyDome at WrestleMania VI, where Warrior took down the legendary Hulk Hogan in front of 67,000 screaming fans, earning himself the rare double title of Intercontinental and WWE Champion.

Warrior would defend his title successfully for nine months before losing to Sgt. Slaughter in 1991’s Royal Rumble. then go on to forge a rivalry with “Macho Man” Randy Savage, eventually defeating him in an unforgettable Retirement Match at Wrestlemania VII. Wherever Mr. Warrior is today, we salute you, and hope and pray that you’re still rocking those dayglo tightie brighties. No one could do it better than you.